Is communication in the office taking too much of your time? Do you like working in Outlook for 2–4 hours on a daily basis? Somehow email is still widespread and common in the workplace. Email is an old system, it was invented in the seventies and became popular for the masses since 1995 when commercial.. read more →

Why Voice messaging is faster and safer WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Yammer and LinkedIn Messages: these are only a few Instant Message Apps on the market today. Throughout the day we send many messages, either for work or for personal use. Back in the day we used SMS to communicate. Then came.. read more →

No doubt you’ve noticed, visuals are amongst us almost every minute of the day. A considerable amount of people are visual thinkers. We all know the quote: “a picture is worth a thousand words.” In websites and social media we use more and more images to differentiate the message from the gray text masses. A.. read more →

The Singapore-based Estate Social Networking mobile app was announced on 31 May 2016. In one week 160 communities have been created via organic growth. Between announcement and the media launch Suburb app ranked 21st in Apple Appstore in Singapore. On June 7th I attended the media launch of Suburb app and learned more about the.. read more →

LinkedIn has over 400 million users worldwide. Unfortunately not everyone has an up-to-par personal profile page or uses the LinkedIn possibilities to its fullest extent. Do you use LinkedIn before you pick up the phone? Do you keep a close eye on your competition? Do you follow interesting companies? Do you join interesting groups? Do.. read more →

07 May 2015
7 May, 2015

Engagement via Instagram

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In mijn vorige artikel, handleiding voor marketing op Instagram, ben ik ingegaan op de mogelijkheden hoe bedrijven en organisaties Instagram kunnen inzetten om hun merk te versterken en beeldverhalen te vertellen. Dit artikel gaat er van uit dat de organisatie een ingericht Instagram account heeft en dat actief gebruikt. De vervolgstap is om de activiteiten.. read more →

Op 8 mei 2014 gaf ik tijdens de Nationale Dag van de Communicatie 2014 een keynote lezing en een workshop. Het thema van deze dag die voor en door communicatiestudenten is georganiseerd was miscommunicatie. Een interessant onderwerp dat ruimte geeft om te reflecteren of het vakgebied. De line-up van Sprekers waren Kim Spinder (corporate rebel),.. read more →