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Why Voice messaging is faster and safer

WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Yammer and LinkedIn Messages: these are only a few Instant Message Apps on the market today. Throughout the day we send many messages, either for work or for personal use.

Back in the day we used SMS to communicate. Then came Social Media and we used that to update people on where we are and to communicate informally. We as humans are born to communicate and in the age of information we have so many tools to do so efficiently. We cannot do without Instant Messaging anymore!

Don’t text and drive!

You probably have seen ad campaigns discouraging people from texting while driving. Messaging is an activity that involves at least one hand; often you need two. It requires brainpower to think of a message and to read or respond. Then we have the invention of autocorrect that can be helpful but also a nightmare to use – especially if you are not really focused. Emoji are a welcome help in making communicating a bit easier since we need to type less – Apple has even announced iMessage will be updated in iOS10 with text to emoji suggestions.

Voice Messaging!

voice messageIn April 2016 I visited Beijing and used the subway to get around. One thing I noticed every day: the Chinese were talking to their phone in the mic and listening to messages later on. They were not in a phone call, most of them were voice messaging instead of calling. Instead of typing or chatting they send parts of communication in voice messages. Just push and talk. Take a moment to think about how easy and efficient that is! This function is part of WhatsApp, WeChat and other systems, so we could all be doing it!

So why don’t we use Voice Messaging as much in the Western world?

Speaking is easier since it is quick, does not require our hands and is therefore safer as well. With speaking we can easily address emotions via our tone of voice. A possible downside is that people can overhear what you are saying and maybe the voice message will be unclear due to background noise. Another minor issue is that voice messages take up more data than text messages.


In the Western world we put  emphasis on the importance of the written word compared to use of images and voice. But that is about to change… The next step in technology, communications and gadgets will be voice control, look at recent launch of Amazon Alexa. Google is moving forward as well with the announced Now device. Apple is pushing Siri towards controlling Apple TV and parts of our house with Homekit.

It’s obvious: the age of voice control is about to start

We are used to using voicemail to leave a message so why don’t we use voice messages? Start voice messaging in WhatsApp/ iMessage by selecting the mic-icon on the bottom right and start talking. In Facebook Messenger select the mic-icon as well and start talking. Do you agree or disagree? Have you noticed other trends in this area? Let me know below!

What is your opinion?

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