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Why create a new app when there are already many estate communities on Facebook?

A condo estate in Singapore houses many families. Often residents do not interact and have their own friends living elsewhere. It makes sense however, to make friends with fellow neighbours and perhaps even arrange group activities since the chances of running into them when you are swimming or BBQ-ing are significant. To tailor the need to socialize with neighbours, the amount of estate community groups on Facebook has grown. Social networks such as Facebook are popular and easy to use since most of the people have an account already.

How do you know someone is a real neighbour?

Growing communities on Facebook lead to people advertising their business services within these estate communities. With Facebook it is easy to setup a community group and socialize, but it is not designed to verify where somebody lives. Most of the volunteering group administrators need to ask personal questions to verify all members; this takes a lot of time.

Bring back the Kampong Spirit

Ms. Sim Ann, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth and Ministry of Finance addressed the media and estate community founders.

The Suburb app is suitable for socializing needs within estate condos. Singapore has had a tradition of Kampong life but with this app a modern form of Kampong life will be recreated. As founder of an estate on the Suburb app you will become a modern cyber Kampong chief.

Suburb app possibilities

Suburb’s mission is to build trusted and safe neighbourhoods, online and offline. Creating a self sufficient eco-system on the app/online space. The app is free to use and is an exclusive social network for neighbourhood estates. It is possible to create private estate groups where neighbours can get to know one another, exchange local advice and notify each other of happenings around their own estates. It can also be used to trade/ sell items, share information (good restaurants/ resources/ shops close by), form a residents committee, interest groups, crime watch, reserving BBQ-pits or just chat! The app is safe because all members go through a verification process.

suburb app 2

Mark, the founder, says this app really tapped into a need and therefore has grown so fast. The trial Estate Trivelis has shown that neighbours who where strangers, have become buddies and have even grown into friends.

Try it out

Do you live in an estate in Singapore? See if your estate is already on there and if not you can create you own. Download the app via more info please visit: Please let me know you experiences with the app below, thank you.

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