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25 Jun 2016
25 June, 2016

Pick my brain

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In the past information was power. In todays information economy it is not so much the information it self but the application of information. In the past years I have helped SME companies, professionals and entrepreneurs to become more effective in applying social media and digital strategies. Next to that I have helped people in working more effective and efficient by visualizing information, plan visually and use smart tools to work smarter not harder.

Do you want to pick my brain?

Do you want to meet me and drink cup of coffee? In one or two hours I will share my insights, experiences and solutions. Do you want to gain my knowledge and experience in on of these fields?

  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Social Selling with LinkedIn
  • Using LinkedIn to market yourself/ business
  • Content & Community Management
  • Smarter working with (online tools)
  • Visualising information (mind mapping)
  • Facilitation at events