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We can all feel it, the world is changing. Changing for people, businesses and entrepreneurs. The Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) organized its yearly event for 2011 in Amsterdam: EO2011. I attended the pre-event day on September 14th.

There I was able to perform Livemindmapping EO2011 Amsterdam keynotes Happiness and Social Networks

Speakers who changed the world

Several keynote speakers told their stories and showed the audience how they changed the world:

  • Severn Suzuki,
  • Prof. Yunus, Nobel Prize Winner and founder Grameen Bank
  • Jack Daly, keynote speaker and trainer
  • Jenn Lim, co founder Delivering and Chief Happiness Officer Zappos)
  • Peter Sage, Space Solar Energy, serial entrepreneur en business developmentconsultant
  • Kevin Eyres, LinkedIn Europe
  • Ben Droste, Space Expedition

Jack Daly

Jack Daly is top keynote on sales management, culture and what not. During is 45 minute energetic keynote he emphasized his message: “stop selling, start caring!” It is important for entrepreneurs to have a Magnetic Compelling Vision.

Jenn Lim | Delivering Happiness/ Zappos

Jenn Lim is co founder of Delivering Happiness and Chief happiness officer Zappos. Zappos is worl famous for its compant culture which skyrocketed its profits. How can happiness help you to build a sustainable business? Please view my mind map created of her keynote during this event.

Kevin Eyres | LinkedIn Europe

Kevin Eyres, manager director of Linkedin Europe presented a view on how social networks are changing the world where we life in. What is its impact on business and communications? Please view my mind map created of his keynote during this event.


Interested in Mind Mapping

Do you want to know more about the speakers please visit their sites. Are you interested in mindmapping? Please contact me.

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