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01 Nov 2010
1 November, 2010

LiveMindMapping tijdens NyMaS Symposium

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Dit artikel en de mindmaps zijn in het Engels omdat dat de voertaal tijdens het symposium was.

October 20 the second NyMaS (Nyenrode Marketing Society), association for Nyenrode students studying Marketing Management. In 2006 I founded together with a fellow student NyMaS.

Last year the theme was Social Media Marketing, this year it was on Viral Marketing.

Viral marketing is an increasingly popular topic in Marketing thought. By using the viral capabilities of the Internet and social networks in particular, organizations try to achieve several marketing objectives. With audiovisual media and storytelling the brands try to accomplish the viral spreading of a message, but there are a lot of challenges and dangers in that spectrum. Therefore, this year’s NyMaS symposium will focus on viral marketing and both its bright and dark sides.


The symposium started with a keynote of Holland largest social network Hyves. Please have a look at the mindmap. Please click on the image to download the PDF file.
The second keynote was from Marco de Boer of Artmiks, please browse trough the mindmap in the window below. Please select full window to have a better look.

The third short teaser keynote was from Lucas Tieleman, the founder of 94 wines, a new wine label concept.

The keynote of Kittyhawk will maybe released later.

The final keynote was from a fellow alumnus of Nyenrode, Dick Buschman, managing director of ACHTUNG! Please click the image below to download the PDF.

Please have a look at the website from this keynote

Do you like these mindmap persenting keynotes form a symposium? Please leave your comment below. Did I miss something please let me know in the comments.

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