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Simplify the complexity of Digital Strategy

rene-savelberg-300x300I have met Alexis and learned a lot of his digital marketing expertise. We have first started with a down-to-earth practical social media workshop. With al the new digital channels one is loosing track of what is important; Alexis has guided me in what are the important channels and what to post when and where. Alexis had the ability to present complex matter in a simple visual format so that one can take action and execute to accomplish results.

René Savelberg McSense Business Accelarators 27/06/2016

Social media evangelist

silhouetteAlexis is an expert social media evangelist. After the coaching sessions Alexis provided after care to help me realize my digital ambitions for my company. A very cooperative supplier what felt more as a partner than a supplier.

Babette Hoogendoorn Qpep 27/06/2016

Fascinating mind map

silhouetteThanks for the mind map. Fascinating. As I said to you the other day, it’s amazing how you could do this in such a short time. I think this approach has a big future in our info-crazy world.


John Grimwade Professor on Visualising Information 27/06/2016

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Effective communication

silhouetteAlexis has shown me new insights (based on research) on communication and how people read and could work. Since his coaching I tied to communicate in a more condensed way. In stead of ready everything I am use the scan technique especially when i Have to dig trough big documents. I apply mind mapping more and more to focus on the core topics in stead of all details.

Alida van der Kloet Rabobank 01/07/2016

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Inspiring Speaker

silhouetteAlexis van Dam is an inspiring speaker. We, the organising committee of the National Communications Day by Commotie the Student Association of Groningen University (NL), where surprised by the amount of energy Alexis was able to give to the professional audience. His attention for detail in the presentation and level of engagement with the audience was extraordinary. Due to his energy the audience was all ears during the presentation. Besides his keynote he facilitated a workshop on visualisation and communications.

Organising Committee Commotie the Student Association of Groningen University (NL) 01/07/2016

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Realtime mind mapping at workshop

silhouetteRealtime mind mapping at Young Logeion workshop. Very interesting to see Alexis van Dam mind mapping discussions and opinions directly live on sceen. It really helps to structure your thinking and participation. ?

@JeffreyvanHeck Young Logeion Association for Communications Professionals 01/07/2016

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Social Selling Kader Group

Kader Groupsilhouette hired Alexis to draft the social media strategy and execute it for a quarter. Alexis started off with a social media awareness workshop for all our sales/ commercial employees to get them more social media savvy. Followed by an advanced workshop on LinkedIn for Social Selling, Twitter and blogging to integrate learnings in our daily commercial practise. Resulting in collection of content via the sales team that could be used to share via the website and social profiles. After the quarter the sales team sustained the use of LinkedIn and Twitter. Alexis showed by his enthusiasm how our company could benefit from a proactive use of social media .

Marco Hofland Marketing Manager @ Kader Group 02/07/2016

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Getting the essence at LiveMindMapping Biggerplate

Liam-HughesAlexis provided live mind mapping for the Biggerplate conference event in October 2013, and the quality of his work and output is simply fantastic. He not only kept up with a range of discussions and presentations over the entire day, but helped to generate fantastic summary mind maps that really captured the essence of each session. This is a really specialist skill that requires highly active listening and attention, as well as highly skillful use of mind mapping software – we would recommend Alexis as a provider without hesitation.

Liam Hughes BiggerplateUnited Kingdom 02/07/2016

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Making information actionable

silhouetteWe hired Alexis to harvest and collect (actionable) information at our political meeting to define our parties new strategy for the coming 4 years. It was really effective to see the information live visualised with all people participating. Alexis is a known mind mapper in The Netherlands and abroad. Prior to the session it self Alexis starts questioning the questions. It al starts with the right question to dig deeper. Alexis was streamlining the amount of information into main topic and sub topic to keep focus on what matters most. The information harvested in a 4 hour session was insighfully organised and displayed. This al resulted in a better decision making proces and ending up with a effective strategy for our political programme.

Diana Melgers Lokaal Belang Zevenaar 03/07/2016

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Impressive mind maps

silhouetteImpressive to flip through and read the mind maps of the Big Data Driven Decsions symposium. Even if you were not there you experience the symposium if you’d be there. His mind maps takes you back to the story of the presenter/ speaker. This is something that is always lacking if you flip though a slide deck afterwards,

Teije Bakker Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU University) 03/07/2016