We can all feel it, the world is changing. Changing for people, businesses and entrepreneurs. The Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) organized its yearly event for 2011 in Amsterdam: EO2011. I attended the pre-event day on September 14th. There I was able to perform Livemindmapping EO2011 Amsterdam keynotes Happiness and Social Networks Speakers who changed the world.. read more →

01 Nov 2010
1 November, 2010

LiveMindMapping tijdens NyMaS Symposium

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Dit artikel en de mindmaps zijn in het Engels omdat dat de voertaal tijdens het symposium was. October 20 the second NyMaS (Nyenrode Marketing Society), association for Nyenrode students studying Marketing Management. In 2006 I founded together with a fellow student NyMaS. Last year the theme was Social Media Marketing, this year it was on Viral Marketing. Viral marketing.. read more →

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