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Testimonial Connection of Minds

Alexis van Dam joined the World of Minds collective in June 2009. His initial responsibilities included community management of Hypershifters, where he set up a bilingual platform and later advanced this platform with content (external bloggers) and a webshop functionality. As he grew with the organization, he co-developed the Hypershifters training for New Ways of Working and advanced in teaching training programs at Academy of Minds in New Ways of Working, Electronic Mind Mapping, Life Long Learning, Time Management and Project Management. He naturally flowed into a position of presenting webinars on these topics.

In combination with his responsibilities of being a trainer, Alexis has consulted at numerous governmental organisations, multinationals and SME companies on Change Management, Project and Process Management, New Ways of Working and Visual Thinking. As a consultant, Alexis uses question techniques (why, how, what) and the Covey principles (“Did I understand correctly that…?”) to delve deeper into issues at hand. Alexis uses live mind mapping sessions with the team to collectively gather required information and subsequently make an analysis.

Since 2010, Alexis has shifted his focus to professionally facilitating events, congresses, brainstorms and strategy sessions through the use of live mind mapping. He co-managed the business unit Connection of Minds, which targets event agencies and organisers of events and congresses. He has advanced from being a live mind mapping facilitator to hosting and moderating at events, as well as a functioning as a design advisor at events and meetings. In this role he has helped numerous organisers and end customers design an effective event, where ambitions were realised, attendees were actively engaged and knowledge was shared, visualised and captured. Clients often used this output as input for a new policy, plan or strategy.

Alexis has mastered the art of balancing creativity with end results. As facilitator he is accustomed to asking questions and is able to make an analysis based on results. A strong visual thinker and problem solver, he has proven that he is keen to learn and improve his working methods while guiding team members to do the same.

I can highly recommend Alexis to any organisation that is in need of an enthusiastic, eager team player, who is not afraid to challenge the status quo. He would be an asset to any organization and I wish him success and prosperity in the future.

Jerre Lubberts

Managing Director World of Minds

March 2016