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silhouetteI approached Alexis van Dam at Connection of Minds (affiliate of World of Minds) because I was looking for a way to capture all the information that was shared at the ALS Investors Day. World of Minds helped us by creating a Mind Map of the full day. This meant concisely translating what was being presented by highly specialized Key Note Speakers to an accurate overview for future reference. The result was exactly what we were looking for as the day was properly captured and can now be revisited by those who are interested in what has been discussed One thing I liked was their ability to grasp the complex information at hand and mold it into a user-friendly overview which is even accessible online.  I found the experience very rewarding and was especially impressed with their commitment to this cause as they were so kind to help us free of charge.
I would highly recommend Alexis van Dam to people/ companies who need an innovative way of creating an overview of meetings/ events/ sessions.


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