Do you still struggle with information overload?

The information age causes an overload of media that reach us daily. Everyday we have to make decisions based on using that info. As Clay Shirky says: “It is not information overload, it is filter failure!” Tony Buzan (the originator of mind mapping) developed a note taking, memory and reading technique based upon how the brain functions. Two important drivers are: association and imagination. This organic and radiant way of structuring information uses hierarchy (main and subtopics along branches), colors, images, icons, relationships and links to sources. Information is noted in main and subtopics which makes it possible to filter.

You can apply mind mapping for personal effectivity such as an overview of goals, projects and tasks. Use mind mapping to organize information to make an article, rapport, presentation, business case or or study. Boost your facilitation skills by applying mind mapping in your next meeting, strategy or brainstorm session. Harvest information of live events and boost engagement.

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quick course mind mapping


Mind Mapping examples

Inspiration of mind maps I have created. Some are facilitations at events (talks), brainstorm sessions.

Digital Marketing Summit Asia 2016 Mind Maps
I have been asked by the organizers of Digital Marketing Summit Asia 2016 te help with making notes the 24 talks. Most of the talks were 30 to 45 minutes. Contents varied from Content Marketing, Funnel Optimization, Video marketing, WeChat, Instagram, Facebook, E-commerce, Web Development and so on. Please view the summit site on:
Mind map overview on all talks.
"I have come across Alexis van Dam, a senior live mapper facilitator. For the Digital Marketing Summit Asia 2016, Alexis has made 25 condensed digital mind maps of all the online talks. These map provide an excellent, visual and condensed overview of the 45 minutes talks. It helped the audience understand the topics discussed in the video's since people's attention span can unfortunately not hold 45 minutes. It is a real added value for an (online) event to harvest the knowledge and make it possible to share. It really improves the ROI of your event."

Sharon Neo, program manager DM Asia 2016.
Overview of all speakers
The proces of a mind map
On level 1 of the mind map one can see al main topics.
Collapsed view of level 2 of the branche on: Mobile moves people.
Full collapsed view of the same mind map.
The mind maps are published on the summit site next to the slide deck and under the video recording.
Detail view.
Detail view.
One of the quotes and testimonials of the attendees! The structure of the session can be clearer. The mindmap helped a lot with it 🙂