Do you still struggle with information overload?

The information age causes an overload of media that reach us daily. Everyday we have to make decisions based on using that info. As Clay Shirky says: “It is not information overload, it is filter failure!” Tony Buzan (the originator of mind mapping) developed a note taking, memory and reading technique based upon how the brain functions. Two important drivers are: association and imagination. This organic and radiant way of structuring information uses hierarchy (main and subtopics along branches), colors, images, icons, relationships and links to sources. Information is noted in main and subtopics which makes it possible to filter.

You can apply mind mapping for personal effectivity such as an overview of goals, projects and tasks. Use mind mapping to organize information to make an article, rapport, presentation, business case or or study. Boost your facilitation skills by applying mind mapping in your next meeting, strategy or brainstorm session. Harvest information of live events and boost engagement.

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Mind Mapping examples

Inspiration of mind maps I have created. Some are facilitations at events (talks), brainstorm sessions.

Live Mind Mapping @ Event Managers Association NL
Facilitated at inspirational event for the Dutch Event Managers Association. Below you see every-time a mind map on level 1 and the second view is the full view. All mind maps are created with Mindjet Manager. In the mind maps coloured text is added to differentiate information. These mind maps where handed out to participants afterwards so that they can apply the knowledge and tips. 
Created as Lead Visual Facilitator/ Live Mind Mapper @ Connection of Minds
Mind Map overview level 1: No more boring speakers
Mind Map full: No more boring speakers
Idea brain storm creatively put in iMindMap mind map
Idea brain storm creatively put in iMindMap mind map
Idea brain storm creatively put in iMindMap mind map
Mind Map overview level 1: How to become #1
Mind Map full: How to become #1
Mind Map overview level 1: Taking photos
Mind Map full: taking photos
Mind Map overview level 1: corporate tribes
Mind Map full: corporate tribes
Mind Map overview level 1: perfect environment
Mind Map full: perfect environment
Mind Map overview level 1: brain food
Mind Map full: brain food