Live Mind Mapping Infographics Congress 2014
On March 14, 2014 LiveMindMapper Alexis van Dam was present at the Infographic Conference 2014 in Zeist, The Netherlands. The theme for the 7th edition of this annual event was Visualizing Me: about quantifying yourself in the age of big data. The creator’s signature touch is visible in all infographics.
Created as Lead Visual Facilitator/ Live Mind Mapper @ Connection of Minds.
Battle LiveMindMapping vs Sketchnote
LiveMindMapper Alexis van Dam went head to head with Tyra van Mossevelde. The battle consisted of 3 rounds (talks/ presentations), in which Tyra and Alexis both took notes their own way. Tyra used Adobe Ideaz on her iPad and sketched the contents in drawings. Alexis used 4 different mindmap software tools and tested these n the fly to find out which software is best to make live mindmaps. After each round they both showed their visualisation of a predetermined talk to the audience. The audience could decide which form of visualisation (sketch or mindmap) was best.
Line-up of speakers Infographics Conference 2014
1 Nicholas Felton: MindManager fileMindMeisterPDF
2 Professor John Grimway: MindManager filePDF
3 Yael de Haen: MindManager fileMindMeister & PDF
4 Stefanie Posavec: iMindMap filePDF
5 Thijs Niks: PDF
6 Renato Valdes: MindManager filePDF
7 Jelle Kamsma: MindManager filePDF
8 Moritz Stefaner: PDF
9 Geert Rozinga & Frederik Ruys: MindManager fileMindMeister & PDF