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Web-development & Content Management Connection of Minds
Part 1 overview home page. with 3 key services.
I was business development manager and lead Consultant & Facilitator at Connection of Minds (2009-2016). Web-development & Content Management for Connection of Minds (activity of World of Minds). WordPress development, content management, social media, interaction design and lead generation. 3 landing pages for the key areas of services. Please visit
Part 2 home page, lead generation via download and testimonials.
Part 3 home page recent projects and contact.
Landing page on what is mind mapping.
Landing page on what is live mind mapping.
Contact page with form
Part of testimonials
About Connection of Minds page
Landing page on Service 1: facilitating at events
Landing page on Service 2: facilitating brainstorms
Landing page on Service 3: facilitating meetings
In-depth page on all 12 facilitation formulas with a matrix chart
Interactive project showcase
Special portfolio for all mind maps created for Haagsch College (Dutch)
Blog section
Detailed webinar landing & registration page